90 Day Fiance Tell All No Limits Part 2

90 Day Fiance Tell All No Limits Part 2 Rose, the ex-partner of a person named Big Ed, appears on video from the Philippines and shares a screenshot of a text message that Ed sent her in August 2021. The message is reportedly shared with someone named Liz to read, and it mentions that Ed wants to visit Rose. Rose responds to the message and says that Ed is welcome to come and visit her.

In the conversation, Liz expresses frustration with the lies and deflection she has experienced. Rose’s translator reveals that Big Ed has told Rose that he is still interested in her, but he is currently in a relationship. Liz becomes emotional and says that she no longer has respect for Ed. Ed responds by asking for his ring back, to which Liz replies that he has been caught and she just wants to move on.

During the conclusion of the Tell All event, Shawn thanked the participants for coming and expresses hope that there will be healing in the future. She also thanks all of the couples and informs them that they will be returning to their hotel for the night and continuing the event on stage the following day.

Backstage, Liz’s castmates advise her not to return to Big Ed or get married to him. Liz admits that she feels foolish for enabling his behavior.

90 Day Fiance Tell All No Limits Part 2

On the way to the hotel for a penthouse afterparty, Liz tells Kimberly and Shaeeda that Big Ed exchanged text messages with Rose the day before he proposed. They had also just visited a wedding venue and set a date for the wedding.

When Big Ed arrives at the penthouse, he and Liz go upstairs to talk. He tells Liz that he felt overwhelmed and attacked on stage, and accuses her of “stepping on his head.” He demands loyalty from Liz, but she explains that she cannot be loyal to someone who lies, as he did about being in contact with Rose.

Liz finds it suspicious that Big Ed claims to not remember talking to Rose, but remembers every small detail of Liz’s actions. She becomes angry and walks away after he accuses her of “performing like a little attorney” during the Tell All event.

Andrei and Jovi tell Liz that they were bothered by Big Ed’s behavior and that is why they stood up for her. Big Ed returns and continues arguing with Liz, who is not willing to defend him after Rose called him out. He asks her why she keeps coming back to him.

Liz shouts at him, saying, “You make me carry your luggage through the airport because you’re so weak!” Later, Liz tells the cameras that Big Ed will be alone with his dogs.

After Liz leaves, Big Ed argues with Jovi again. Angela overhears the argument and comes to the room to confront Big Ed.

Michael and Angela

Earlier in the day, Kimberly has a surprisingly calm moment with Angela before they get back on the Tell All stage. “I think Usman used you,” Angela tells Kimberly, who shakes her head. “Maybe you’re that good woman that he needs, but I just don’t want you to get hurt because it’s not fun.” “Don’t feel sorry for me,” Kimberly says. “I got it.” Angela apologizes to everyone for blowing up earlier, blaming it on six months of pressure.

She quickly breaks down crying when clips of Michael’s cheating are shown and reveals that Michael’s loving voice message to the other woman was recorded while he was in Angela’s hotel bed and she was downstairs. To add insult to injury, the other woman is American, and Michael invited her to Nigeria for Valentine’s Day. Michael says she’s a fan and he was simply being polite. He also won’t cop to being back on Instagram and claims the profile that’s up is an imposter.

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Shawn promises that the staff will try to verify if the account is real and they’ll revisit the topic tomorrow. Michael’s uncle Steven appears from Nigeria and expresses his shame at Michael’s extramarital affair. Michael can only say “OK, sir” and “Yes, sir” to his uncle and hangs his head low. “I will do my best on behalf of the family to resolve this conflict,” Steven vows. He explains that it’s part of their culture for Michael’s elders to sit him down and talk to him about his behavior.

It sounds like Angela is feeling a lot of emotional turmoil and is unsure of what to do. It can be very difficult to make decisions when we are feeling overwhelmed or unsure of ourselves. It’s important to take some time to reflect and think things through before making any big decisions. It might be helpful for Angela to talk to a trusted friend or family member, or perhaps even seek out the advice of a therapist or counselor. It’s also important to remember that it’s okay to take time to make a decision and that it’s okay to seek out additional support when we need it.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Libby is enjoying singing with her family and Andrei is supportive of her musical pursuits. It’s great to see a partner who is encouraging and supportive of their significant other’s passions and interests. It can be challenging to pursue hobbies or passions while also balancing work and other responsibilities, but it’s important to make time for things that bring joy and fulfillment. It’s good to see that Andrei is supportive of Libby’s musical pursuits and is helping to create an environment that is conducive to her flourishing in this area.

It sounds like there is some tension and disagreement within the family. It can be difficult to navigate family dynamics and conflicts, especially when there are accusations being made. It’s important for everyone to try to communicate openly and honestly, and to try to approach conflicts with respect and understanding. It might be helpful for the family to seek the assistance of a mediator or counselor to help them work through their differences and find a resolution. It’s also important to remember that it’s okay to agree to disagree and to find ways to move forward despite differences of opinion.

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